About Us

GreenLight IoT was originally founded as a services company in 2016 with a core focus on developing technology to improve the smart building deployment process. Our patented technology gives a distinct edge over competition through efficient and thorough startup services. In January 2021, the service department was formed into a separate company (IoT Deployment Services) in order to allow GreenLight to fully focus on software as a service.

GreenLight IoT has since been licensing its software products to various manufacturers, systems integrators, Fortune 500s and the top property managers in the world. Our unique experience and viewpoint within the industry gives us an advantage in driving valuable software solutions for Smart building space. Our core focus is streamlining deployments and delivering long-term support of Smart buildings through technological solutions.

Our newest software, Smart Autonomous Monitoring, or SAM for short, is transforming Smart building operations across the world and redefining an industry.

Experience Where it Matters

Since 2016 our engineers have helped the world’s largest Device Manufacturers, Property Managers, Building Tenants, System Integrators, and ESCOs deploy their Enterprise-grade IoT projects. We have partnered with 50 Fortune 500 companies, provisioned over 500 sites, and have deployed over 3 million devices in eight countries around the world. GreenLight IoT keeps innovating to bring you the future today. Check out our new SAM technology to help monitor all devices.

Leadership Team

Derek Davis

CEO & Cofounder

Built three companies over ten years to provision all aspects of Smart Building management, from IoT device specification to technology integration and control service.
Zak Burkhardt


Responsible for building out Advanced Provisioning Platform, two custom solutions and three partner integrations that have led to sole source of procurement from Fortune 500 clients.
Richard Gedmin

COO & Cofounder

Served in sales and operational capacity for multiple Smart Building management organizations. Expertise includes IoT design consulting, controls system commissioning and operations

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