Trailblazing Smart Building Integrations With Excellence

Bridging The Integration Gap

GreenLight IoT is the company that brings smart buildings to life by bridging the gap between smart building device manufacturers and system device installers. Backed by a team of seasoned Internet of Things (IoT) developers GreenLight IoT streamlines the implementation and functionality of smart building systems through patent-pending methodologies, processes and integration technology.

As market leaders in wireless control system design, servicing and smart building integration and commissioning, GreenLight IoT works in partnership with each of our clients to ensure their specific smart building system provides the highest possible value.

GreenLight IoT Named Top IoT Provider in 2018

CIOReview Magazine has awarded GreenLight IoT the coveted title of Most Promising IoT Solution Provider in their 2018 Special IoT Issue.  GreenLight IoT was also profiled in the special issue, highlighting our leading smart building system integration services and deployment technologies.

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Integration & Support Services


Working with the ZigBee wireless standard since market inception, GreenLight IoT’s seasoned team of network integrators provide proven system designs for even the most challenging applications. From complete granular control of individual fixtures and devices within an office building to large-scale zonal control of a distribution warehouse, GreenLight IoT stands ready to meet your specific challenges.


With unparalleled experience in smart building system integrations, GreenLight IoT takes the headache out of the system commissioning process. Through the use of patent-pending methodologies, processes and technologies developed by GreenLight IoT technicians, our Commissioning Link Manager™ tool and processes streamline system commissioning while ensuring operational integrity of the smart building system.


In addition to our streamlined system commissioning services, GreenLight IoT will manage and report complete project tracking on all smart building control system projects; providing data-driven insight into construction progress from start to finish. Through daily communication alerts, you'll be apprised of the latest developments in the construction process.


Once a smart building system is up and running, GreenLight IoT ensures it is fully optimized long into the future. GreenLight IoT achieves superior long-term customer satisfaction through periodic system optimizations, facility status reporting, system maintenance, equipment fine-tuning, and updated end-user training through a series of support packages.

Mastering Networked Wireless Controls

Since the market inception of the ZigBee wireless protocol, GreenLight IoT team members have been fueling the widespread adoption of networked wireless controls. GreenLight IoT technicians continue to advance in with wireless controls space with Bluetooth, LiFi, and WiFi technologies.

Commissioning at Scale

With just over 100-million square-feet of commissioned spaces under GreenLight IoT team member belts, GreenLight IoT is a leading smart building commissioning, servicing, and support agent throughout North America.

System Deployment Expertise

With our patent-pending system deployment methodology, processes, and technologies, GreenLight IoT ensures the speedy, accurate, and complete deployment of smart building systems from start to finish and beyond.

Working Cross-Market

GreenLight IoT works cross-market with many of the largest smart system device manufacturers to ensure our system technicians are at the leading edge of smart building systems. With the mantra of being "control system agnostic" GreenLight IoT is committed to trailblazing the widespread integration and ongoing support of smart building systems for each of our clients - large and small.

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