Expanding Your Smart Building Offerings

Working with construction vendors throughout the United States and Canada, GreenLight IoT is committed to driving value for our partnered contractor clients. With unparalleled experience in advanced Internet-of-Things smart building system commissioning and integration, GreenLight IoT takes the headache out of the commissioning process. As a result, our construction partners have more time to focus on what’s important to their business –timely project completion and securing new opportunities.

Enhancing the installation accuracy, construction timeliness, and overall commissioning efficiency of smart building systems, GreenLight IoT’s Commissioning Link Manager™ tool provides our construction client’s installation teams with state-of-the-art commissioning technology in the palm of their hand. Helping to ensure the timely delivery and customer satisfaction of any advanced IoT controls project.


Working with the ZigBee wireless standard since market inception, GreenLight IoT’s seasoned team of network integrators stand ready to offer your installation team the support they need to ensure a smooth design and implementation of your client’s IoT system right from the get-go.


With unparalleled experience in smart building system commissioning, GreenLight IoT takes the pain out of the smart building commissioning process. Giving our contractor partners more time to ensure installation accuracy, operational integrity and customer satisfaction that leads to repeat business.


In addition to streamlined smart building system commissioning, GreenLight IoT helps our contractor partners by providing real-time project tracking and data-driven insights to construction progress from start to finish. Arming you with the information you need to inform clients with accurate construction updates.

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