IoT Solutions

The IoT Revolution is well underway and the IoT winners will be the ones that guarantee a combination of powerful device interconnectivity with ease of deployment. By integrating the GreenLight IoT technology OEM’s are able to offer easily deployable IoT device technology and supply end users with smart building solutions that are agile and easily adoptable. The GreenLight IoT technology makes a manufacturer’s product easy to deploy and scale.

From smart city to smart buildings and everything in between IoT will power the businesses of the future. The GreenLight IoT Advanced Provisioning Platform and mobile GLS application were developed to ensure seamless integration with any API,network or device protocol and fill the gap between the device management platforms and IoT commissioning. Find out why companies across the country use the GreenLight IoT solution.

The GreenLight IoT mobile GLS application and patented Advanced Provisioning Platform were designed to ensure fast and effective deployment of any enterprise-level IoT device on the market. Our technology helps System Integrators deploy complex projects, reduce commissioning times, access real-time as-built document trails, and much more.

Enterprise-level IoT device deployment solutions are critical role in ensuring optimized operations for tomorrow’s competitive businesses. Business partners who are able to provide scalable and adaptable IoT solutions will offer the greatest ROI to a variety of verticals. Our Commissioning-as-a-Service platform and mobile GLS application are a seamless solution that allow companies the ability to deploy a smart device solution with any network or device.