Small And Medium Enterprises

Controlling Costs with Smart Building Systems

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. Whether it’s ensuring the proper allocation of capital for facility or equipment improvements that drive production and sales, or cost-cutting measures to drive efficiency. Without the hefty bankrolls of a larger enterprise, SMEs must be creative in maintaining their cost structures while embracing new technologies that motivate growth.

With the emergence of the Internet-of-Things, SMEs are now realizing the cost-saving benefits of a smart building control system in real dollars. Benefits that include reducing energy and maintenance costs, while also opening new doors to advanced data analytics of building systems. As SMEs look to new opportunities to constrain operational costs across the enterprise, an advanced Internet-of-Things smart building strategy is the logical next step. Taking advantage of new advanced technologies that allow your enterprise to stay one step ahead of the competition while funnelling more cash into much-needed areas of the enterprise.

So, where and how should an SME start on this IoT journey? Knowing that the challenges facing SMEs are unique to each individual company, GreenLight IoT works with each of our clients in partnership, one-on-one. Using our five stage process to untangle the complexities of the Internet-of-Things, GreenLight IoT works through how your SME can achieve its objectives through the IoT. Focusing on system design, commissioning, service, and long-term optimization.

Four Corners of Small and Medium Enterprise IoT

One size does not fit all when it comes to the Internet-of-Things. And why should it? The pain points of an SME vary drastically from those of a Fortune 500 enterprise. GreenLight IoT recognizes this differentiation and works with our SME clients, one-on-one, to ensure their particular challenges are being met through a customized SME Internet-of-Things solution.


An advanced Internet-of-Things SME system focuses its power on curbing heavy operational costs, such as energy and maintenance expenses, while also providing the opportunity to participate in utility-sponsored demand response programs.


As more and more governments focus their attention to enacting federal, state, and local regulations on energy consumption, an advanced Internet-of-Things smart building strategy for SMEs will focus on ensuring compliance with such regulations in a hassle-free way.


By working with each of our vendor and end-user clients as partners (versus simply “selling technology”) GreenLight IoT is committed to ensuring each of our clients achieves the highest return from their Internet-of-Things investments.


The old adage, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” holds true for an SME Internet-of-Things control system. Allowing for more enhanced monitoring of critical facility systems, an SME IoT system will focus on ways to enhance overall facility operations and efficiencies, bringing down operational expenses.

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