Transforming Smart building operations into the future

Technology that drives technicians to problems before tenants know

When systems stop working:

Smart Buildings stop working every day causing work interruptions, loss of productivity and tenant complaints. Facility management is a REACTIONARY business model. Also, Smart systems are built on each system sending data to help the other systems make autonomous decisions. If that data flow is interrupted in any way, or one system does not share data, then these decisions are inaccurate causing system issues. The Smart systems stop doing what we want them too, and there can be a financial impact, as well as tenant impact.

The S.A.M. results:

S.A.M. simply turns a reactionary endeavor into a PROACTIVE world

• Estimated decrease in tenant complaints by 20% – 30%

• Estimated decrease in system downtimes by 10% – 20%

• Improved ESG efficiency by 10%+

Eliminate tenant complaints, become PROACTIVE and reduce financial loss.


Isn’t it time that SMART buildings act SMART?