Procore Integration

With the GreenLight IoT Smart Building Project Tracker, you can

  • Track the status of your smart building project, including the number of devices installed, commissioned, and verified 
  • Generate accurate digital Asbuilt documentation at the completion of your project 
  • View the number of active punch list items  

From the company that designed the market’s first digital As-built solution for smart building design, comes the “Smart Building Project Tracker”

  • The “Smart Building Project Tracker” allows users to track the project status of any smart building system.  
  • The tracker eliminates the need for unnecessary on-site visits and does away with inaccurate project status updates.  
  • You can now track, manage and catalogue the installation, commissioning and verification of all addressable IoT devices from one single platform.  
  • The “Smart Building Project Tracker” also allows users to view active punch list items and generate digital As-built documents at the completion of the project.  
  • View the status of multiple projects, track ANY smart building technology and streamline your deployment process all with one solution.  

Integration Requirement

  1. An existing project in the Greenlight IoT Advanced Provisioning Platform
  2. That’s it! That’s all you need to use the Smart Building Project Tracker

Procore Configuration

Step 1: Choose your configuration

Global Projects Config

You have the ability to create a global App configuration at the company level that applies to all active and future projects in the company. This way you can navigate to the “Smart Building Project tracker” from any current or future projects.

Company Level Config

You have the ability to create a company level App configuration to enable users to launch the App from the main company level page.

Project Level Config

You also have the ability to create a project level configuration where you can select which projects you want the Smart Building Project Tracker app to be visible which is located in the “Projects” dropdown option.

Step 2: Name your application

We suggest you use ‘Smart Building Project Tracker’ as the ‘Title’ of the application to be able to distinguish it from other installed applications.

Step 3: Create Configuration

Click on Create and refresh your browser window.
The ‘Smart Building Project Tracker’ should now be visible in the ‘Apps’ dropdown based on the configuration you just created which is typically located in the top right of the procore interface. Please reach out to GreenlightIoT support to receive your credentials, if you haven’t already, to access this application.

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