IoT Smart Building Management

IoT for Smart Buildings

The GreenLight IoT Platform Combines Scalable IoT Deployment with Ease of Use
Plug and Play Commissioning

Our software integrates easily with any platform or device creating the world’s most seamless commissioning solution.

Ease of Install

Reduce commissioning time from days to hours with our instant digital as-built generator and real-time punch lists.


Our software enables remote commissioning and eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data entry.

Deploy the Most Complex IoT Projects with Speed and Efficacy using the GreenLight IoT Solution

Controls Agnostic

GreenLight IoT offers an agnostic solution giving users the ability to connect and manage their IoT devices with any controls system, network, or gateway.


Access reports such as installation progress, number of devices installed, and devices still to be commissioned for streamlined project management.

Simple and Secure

The GreenLight IoT platform is built on technology that ensures the highest level of secure IoT commissioning.