Our Technology

The GreenLight IoT Process


IoT device deployment has historically been a complicated, manual, and time-consuming process. At GreenLight IoT we’ve designed an IoT device deployment solution that makes it easy to deploy enterprise-level smart technology. Our solution is a combination of agile, cloud-based software, mobile applications, and innovative services.

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The GreenLight IoT Mobile Application

The GreenLight IoT mobile GLS application integrates into any API, network, or protocol and reduces IoT device deployment time by half. We understand that the competitive businesses of the future require IoT software solutions that are agile, scalable, and easy to use. Our mobile solution integrates robust software with the best remote device deployment functionality.

The Advanced Provisioning Platform

Our patented IoT software platform is a cloud-based technology that offers businesses a dynamic and flexible IoT device deployment solution that allows scalability. Businesses can deploy their enterprise IoT solutions with confidence knowing that the GreenLight IoT platform supports any IoT device, is operable on any network and adapts to any workflow. Our platform relays real-time insights and is customizable to a variety of business applications.