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GreenLight IoT is the industry leader in IoT Device Commissioning. Our cutting-edge software, in conjunction with our service offerings and vast network of partner companies has given us the ability to deploy complex enterprise IoT programs and serve as an integral partner for the world’s largest companies like General Electric, American Airlines, Universal and more.

We help our partners deploy IoT Solutions

Simplify your IoT Deployments

We are a preferred partner for IoT Manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors, Agencies, and ESCO’s. We help our partners deploy IoT programs that meet their end-user needs. Companies like Current Powered by GE, Jones Lang LaSalle and Turner Construction turn to us when it’s time to deploy their client’s IoT programs.

Guaranteed IoT Deployment Success

Trust the IoT Experts

Greenlight IoT engineers have deployed thousands of devices equaling millions of square feet. Our consultative approach includes a thorough analysis of a partner’s IoT program scope and potential pitfalls. Our expertise ensures each client is able to deploy their program seamlessly for their end-user. From providing white labeled IoT solutions to ensuring your client’s site is deployed by best-in-class installing contractors, we guarantee a successful IoT deployment every time.

Software to deploy and scale IoT solutions

Specially Designed Software Solutions

The GreenLight IoT mobile GLS application and Advanced Provisioning Platform offers our clients the world’s most advanced IoT commissioning solutions. Our vast network of partner companies gives us the ability to provide our partners with top notch external referrals when needed – our priority is helping you deploy, scale and manage your enterprise-grade IoT programs faster and more effectively than any other provider on the market.

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Multi-site, multi-state program management

Program Management

Our team has successfully deployed smart building programs for the world’s largest companies. We specialize in managing multi-site projects in multiple states. Our dedication to IoT deployment and project management ensures that every IoT project is deployed free of issues. We understand the risk involved for all stakeholders if a deployment is incomplete or misconfigured. That is why we have built and refined multiple processes over our years of experience that ensure every device is properly addressed and documented. Proper project documentation is the linchpin for proper support and maintenance of any IoT system.

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Remote Commissioning Service

The GreenLight IoT remote commissioning service eliminates the need for onsite specialized technicians. Our Advanced Provisioning Platform and GLS mobile application allows local contractors to verify IoT device functionality and partner with remote technicians to successfully deploy multi-site, multi-state IoT smart building projects, saving time and money. Remote Commissioning is the safest, most reliable way to ensure a project is deployed effectively.

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Remote commissioning
IoT System Design

System Design Services

Our team of knowledgeable engineers are experienced with complex IoT ecosystems. From edge devices to gateways and infrastructure, our team understands that a well-designed IoT system is integral for any smart building project. Our in-house expertise combined with partnerships with the world’s leading design house ensures that our clients receive everything they need to deploy and scale their programs. From API integration to RF signal propagation, our team is able to assist and manage any smart building program confidently.

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Custom Deployment Software

GreenLight IoT is the IoT commissioning partner of choice for multiple technologies. We have developed several enterprise software solutions that equip commissioning agencies with the ability to deploy everything from indoor positioning to Bluetooth devices, lighting controls, and advanced sensor networks. Our software allows us to support and deploy the most demanding IoT projects in North America and abroad.

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Custom built deployment software