Meeting Your Business Goals with the IoT

GreenLight IoT is committed to ensuring that each of our vendor and end-user clients obtain the customized service and support they require. Whether that’s simply making our patent pending CLM™ tool available for the installation of a pilot project, or the comprehensive design, build, and commissioning of an enterprise-wide initiative, GreenLight IoT works with each of our partner clients, including smart building device manufacturers, on an individual basis to achieve their specific goals.

In order to best serve each of our end-user, construction vendor, and smart building device manufacturing clients, GreenLight IoT has devised a five-stage process for determining the specific wants, needs, goals and long-term objectives of each project. The process involves: 1) Discovery, 2) Design, 3) Review, 4) Build & Commission, and 5) Measure and Optimize.


Through the discovery phase, GreenLight IoT works one-on-one with our construction vendor or end-user clients to establish the following: NEEDS (i.e. must-haves), WANTS (i.e. nice to haves), SHORT-TERM GOALS, and LONG-TERM OBJECTIVES.


Using the insight gained in step one, GreenLight IoT’s team of expert IoT smart building designers go to work on building a custom, advanced controls system and strategy to achieve the NEEDS, WANTS, GOALS and OBJECTIVES established in step one.


Having now built a custom Internet-of-Things system and controls strategy to achieve your specific objectives, GreenLight IoT reviews the plan one-on-one to ensure all parties are on the same page and understand the proposed value of the IoT system.


Whether the construction is provided by an end user’s in-house construction team or an outsourced contractor, GreenLight IoT works directly with the installation team to integrate your IoT smart building system using our cutting-edge Commissioning Link Manager™ Tool.


Following the installation and commissioning of your new advanced smart building IoT system, GreenLight IoT will measure performance over a specified amount of time and optimize the system as prescribed and agreed to in the discovery phase.

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