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Smart Building System Commissioning

Commissioning 101 – The Basics When it comes to deploying new smart building technologies, system commissioning is by far the most overlooked construction phase. Moreover, system commissioning can pose some of the most challenging repercussions if done incorrectly. How is this possible? Well, in our experience, everyone thinks they can commission…

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System Design Considerations: Zonal vs. Granular Control

Networked Lighting Control 101 Smart buildings, smart cities, smart everything. At every turn, it seems that more and more “things” are becoming smarter at an ever-quickening pace – including buildings and their lighting systems. While lighting controls have been around for decades – at least in their simplest form (i.e. relay control) – it’s the…

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Deployment Considerations: Networked Lighting Controls

As improved lighting control systems hit the market, sifting through the bells and whistles of a possible solution is a daunting prospect. To assist in overcoming this challenge, this week’s post offers key pieces of advice when researching system options. As a result, with the right gameplan, your organization will save time, money, and…

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IoT Wars: Smart Buildings vs. Smart Homes

Waging War within the IoT Truth be told the Internet of Things (IoT) has a dirty little secret that it’s hiding from the world. Under the cloak of darkness, there is a clandestine war brewing between IoT’s heavyweights: The consumer smart home and commercial smart buildings. Who will reign supreme? In today’s post, we’re going to endeavor to find…

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Cash In, Cash Out: Smart Buildings and Your Money

What are Smart Buildings? Smart buildings, smart cities, smart everything. At every turn, it seems that more and more “things” are smarter at an ever-quickening pace – including buildings. Historically serving a sole purpose – keeping the elements where they belong; outside – today’s buildings are far more purposeful. So, what is a smart building?…

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IoT Apps? Please, explain.

What operating systems did for computers in the 70’s and 80’s, new application platforms will do for the Internet of Things. With an imminent explosion of connected devices expected how we connect, interact and communicate with these devices is the 64 million-dollar question. Just how many connected devices and IoT applications are we talking…

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Match or Clash: Is my business ready for the IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to revolutionize the business world and our personal lives in the coming years. At least this is what the IT gurus and talking heads tout daily. The real question is whether or not the IoT is a good match for your business. Should you play into the hype and promise of the IoT? And if so, where should you…

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Pushing the Reality of the Internet of Things (IoT)

You can hear the trumpets sounding the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) daily. They’re honestly easy to hear. Everyone from your proverbial IT geeks to business behemoths like Microsoft, Cisco, and GE are pushing the promise of the IoT. But with all of the hype and promise abound, what is the reality of the IoT?  How much of this tech…

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The ABC and XYZ of the IoT

The Internet of Things, or the IoT, is but the latest tech buzzword to hit the market. This time at lightning speed. Tech conferences from around the world are talking about it. Tech behemoths, like Intel, are talking about it. Even what have been historically considered industrial manufacturers, such as General Electric, are chatting about the…

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