Scaling Smart Building Systems Successfully

Smart building IoT applications are leading the charge in this new wave of the IoT. As the cost of IoT-enabled devices come down and technology advances allow for more sophisticated processing power, the opportunity to integrate data analytics into the very fabric of your building is now possible on a massive scale. Utilizing your enterprise’s physical infrastructure as a platform, smart building systems (lighting, HVAC, access control, and security systems) are driving the commercial adoption of the IoT.

Knowing where and how to start is no simple task when you consider the sheer scale of a Fortune 500 enterprise. GreenLight IoT team members have been working with Fortune 500 organizations throughout the United States and Canada for the past ten years, helping them to navigate the muddy and often confusing waters of IoT.

Overcoming Enterprise Deployment Challenges

Fortune 500 enterprises have a unique set of challenges when it comes to developing, proofing, and implementing any organization-wide initiative. Much like navigating a 500-ton cargo ship, a Fortune 500 enterprise can’t simply turn on a dime to implement every new tech trend or government regulation. Building the right foundation to then work from is key to the success of any enterprise-wide technology implementation.

Having worked with many Fortune 500 organizations over the years, GreenLight IoT’s expert team of IoT integrators are committed to building the solid foundation your enterprise requires to realize a healthy return on investment –not only in the short term but long into the future.

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