Deploying Smart Building Technology with Excellence

GreenLight IoT’s Commissioning Link Manager™ is a handheld, in-the-field commissioning device specifically designed for smart building system integration. Utilizing advanced scripting technology, GreenLight IoT’s patent-pending CLM™ tool is in the vanguard of smart building system commissioning that digitizes the commissioning process.

Enhancing installation accuracy, construction timeliness, and overall commissioning efficiency of smart building systems, the CLM™ tool provides state-of-the-art technology in the palm of your hand. Helping to ensure smart building control projects go off without a hitch and are successfully deployed. Broken into three service offerings, GreenLight IoT’s CLM™ packages are designed to fit a wide array of construction scenarios.


Commissioning Link Manager™ Bronze provides our contractor partners with direct access to the CLM™ tool on a project-by-project basis with webinar training included. Perfect for small-scale controls projects.


Commissioning Link Manager™ Silver provides our contractor partners with the benefits of CLM™ Bronze, accompanied with more advanced services. Including control profile and scheduling configuration. CLM™ Silver best serves larger, more complex projects.


Commissioning Link Manager™ Gold is GreenLight IoT’s Cadillac offering. Providing our contractor partners with the most comprehensive support, in addition to the many service benefits of both CLM™ Bronze and Silver. Best for large-scale or multi-facility projects.

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