Deploying Smart Building Systems with Excellence

GreenLight IoT fuels the widespread commercial adoption and integration of advanced smart building control systems by providing system end-users and installers with seamless smart building system designs, streamlined system implementation, and superior system optimization and maintenance services; all powered by patent-pending system deployment methodologies and integration technologies developed by expert GreenLight IoT technicians.

Value Chain Coverage

GreenLight IoT engages all levels of the smart device value chain. From smart device manufacturers at the beginning down through to device installers and system end-users at the tail end. Through GreenLight IoT’s patent-pending integration technologies and comprehensive consulting and system support services, our dedicated team members cover the entire smart device value chain to ensure peak system performance.

Serving U.S. and International Markets

With representation in five U.S. cities – including San Diego, CA, Tampa, FL, St. Louis, MO – GreenLight IoT has a magnified system service presence throughout North America. In addition to our North American presence, GreenLight IoT has deployed smart building systems in over twelve countries throughout Europe, Central America, and South America.

Full System Design Services

Working closely with smart device manufacturers GreenLight IoT's system design team not only helps to further manufacturer market penetration, it uses its vast experience with networked wireless controls to develop system designs to meet even the most challenging end-user requirements.

Ensuring System Operability

Through our patent-pending system deployment methodology and integration technologies, GreenLight IoT not only fills the critical integration gap between smart device manufacturers and device installers, it ensures the initial and ongoing integrity and system operability for Fortune 500 and Small-Medium Enterprise end-users.

Deployment Tracking and Reporting

Keeping tabs on construction progress is often the bane of an installers daily routine. With GreenLight IoT's patent-pending integration technologies device installers and end-users are provided with data-driven insights to construction progress through real-time reports sent daily.

System Support and Optimization

Once your system is up and running, GreenLight IoT will ensure it is kept optimized through our extensive system support packages, including our Economy, Advanced, and Premier system support plans.

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