Helping Manufacturers Deploy Smart Devices

GreenLight IoT works directly with smart device manufacturers to ensure the successful deployment of new technologies. Using GreenLight IoT’s patent-pending deployment methodology, technologies and wealth of system integration expertise, smart device manufacturers can rest assured there product development investments will be recouped.

Key consulting areas that GreenLight IoT helps smart device manufacturers navigate include some of the below areas of expertise.

Communication Interoperability

Assisting smart device manufacturers to ensure their communication protocols are interoperable with other smart device protocols.

Smart Device Tracking

As with any smart system deployment, effectively and accurately tracking devices during install is the difference between success and failure.

Smart Device Configuration

Ensuring the proper smart device configuration and programming occurs during deployment is critical to the success of a smart IoT system.

Application Development

Driving the most value from the data gathered from smart devices is a distinct differentiating factor that all manufacturers should keep top of mind.

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